Phoenix Epoxy

Phoenix Epoxy

Basically, when you think about of adding new flooring to your home, you often forget your garage, right? But, why it is also essential to add flooring to this area? Commonly, it is a part in your home that often sees the dirt and wear and tear as well as  constantly full of oil and grease stains.

  If you want to keep also your garage area clean and safe for you and to your family, then adding an epoxy from Phoenix epoxy is one great solution in order to help you. It will not only create a durable shield against floor damage, but also transform you ugly and boring cement into beautiful and professional looking.

Phoenix epoxy for quality epoxy

Whether you will add an epoxy to your residential garage or commercial garage door, Phoenix epoxy can make your garage appear like a beautiful showroom. Nothing shows off your car more than a floor that suggests attraction and luxury. From their wide selections of epoxy, you can choose the best application you want, from a selection of understated hues and colors to custom blends of colors flakes that can best complement to the color your car, garage door and most importantly to your home.

For those who do not have idea what exactly epoxy is, it is not a paint, but it is actually a thermosetting resin that being applied on the floor as a coating.  This is being effectively created by adding epoxide resin with a polyamine hardener. The polyamine acts as a catalyst, thus gives the coating strength. Compare to paint, it does not need to dry, instead it cures. The curing process is being done to add strength to the epoxy. Thus, the result of coating is much thicker than using paint to the surface of the floor. But, if you are just your first time to add epoxy to your home, no need to worry about because Phoenix can give you the best option of epoxy suited to the needs of your home, thus give you several tips in maintaining your floor always clean.

Actually, there are many reasons why you need to consider adding epoxy to your floor. Of course, one of the main benefits of epoxy is durability. The coating is effective and resilient to surface abrasion, chipping, stains and chemicals. In regards to its benefit, you do not have to be worried about throwing a bike down or a dropping a hammer on the floor. Also, adding this coating can be great because it covers minor imperfections on the floor such flaws in the concrete and spider cracks, and anti-dusting. In fact, if you consider epoxy in your floor, it will not keep your floor clean, but of course prevent more dust and dirt from getting into your garage. In addition, epoxy is naturally moisture resistant, thus very helpful for many homeowners who live in snowy areas as it makes their cleaning process more easy and simple.

But if you want to make sure for using quality epoxy, Phoenix epoxy can be your best option.  Thus aim to provide you wide selections of products suitable to the needs of your floor.

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