Lasting Epoxy Floor Process Fountain Hills, AZ

Another lasting epoxy floor process has been complete in Fountain Hills, AZ. A 3- car garage has received is transformation by Arizona Custom Garage Works. One reason why the floor will last forever is because is a quality Diamond Grinding preparation. Our company offers a lifetime warranty because our preparation process is extremely thorough. NO one wants hot tire peel, delamination, UV distortion, or quick wear and tear. When a lasting epoxy floor process is done correctly Diamond Grinding is the optimal source for a preparation. When a concrete contractor finishes a garage floor they do it to have a smooth finish. That smooth finish is resistant to epoxy adhesives. It could be compared to painting glass. Because the particles of glass are so tight the paint cant soak into the pores. When a concrete floor is prepared by Diamond Grinding it opens the pores of the concrete allowing the high quality epoxy to penetrate the surface. This creates a lasting epoxy floor process that wont have defects. As the epoxy drys it is binding itself to the concrete creating a sealed finish.

Another reason why we have a lasting epoxy floor process is our follow up preparation. We go through and make the garage floor "like-new". Some floors we are faced with are many years old. Over time there are  cracks, divets, and other defects. We go through and fix the imperfection in the concrete floor before laying the high quality epoxy flooring. In Arizona most floors have control joints to prevent substantial cracks in the garage floor. These have an important purpose but they love to get full of dirt, trash, screws, bolts, and other unwanted items. In order to reduce this hassell we fill those control joints with an affective expoxy material that gives a seamless look after the floor is complete. This also reduces the struggle of trying to keep the control joints clean in your garage.

This thorough preparation process is essential for a lasting epoxy floor process in Fountain Hills, AZ. Arizona Custom Garage Works is excited to find solutions to any garage needs. With top of the line epoxy coating solutions that are new and innovative to Fountain Hills, AZ and Phoenix our clients are always satisfied with the custom results they are given.